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Super Deluxe Legacy Set / Night


Dry skin Combonation

Our facial products and sets are popular among our spa regular clients, their friends and their family. 

This is professional Complete  set of products our Aestehticians use in deep cleansing facials  at The Moroccan SPA and at Noho MED SPA


Our facials are rated 5 stars and above on yelp and on most socila and business sites, clinical results on over 3000 clients gave nothing but the best results.

We belive that home routine should be simple and afforsable and this set is recomemnede for mature normal to dry skin, 40 years of old and above. 


Our products are formulated with clean and harmless ingredients mostly sourced from our mother nature, a combination of ingredients that interact together and stimulates ith the skin to wash of deposits of dead skin cells.


A clarifying toner, you will love, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and cucumber extracts based, it tones to restore and maintain the skin PH balance of your skin through the night, lightens your complexion, brightening  pigmentation and slowing down your melanocytes activities at every use, cucumber and witch hazel refreshes and cools down the temperature of your skin in detox actin and fizzy facial sensation at the same time it bring hydration and also it interact with the natural chemicals of the skin cells and prepare the skin to absorb our genuine Certified Argan Oil of Morocco 


Daily routine This combination is for Night use only, for mature dry skin, use as your every night practice for a balanced clean skin, the antioxidants properties of the toner and the Argan Oil moisturizer help remove free radicals, the main cause of skin aging and slows down melanocytes activities, main cause of hyper pigmentation.


If your skin, feels dry, cracked, dull and lacking glow,  becoming loose, sagging, it is never too late to tart practicing hands on facial on your own skin. It only takes 1 minute light wash and 2 to 3  minutes rinsing 2 minutes toning in the morning, then apply your day cream or serum for hydration  followed with spf.  


Pick 2 nights  week to used the Pineapple enzymes WASH+SCRUB, try to keep scrubbing for a nice 7 minutes, then rinse off and let the shower splash your face, wow, it is  a free professional facial, hydro shower massage. FLOW THE SAME STEPS AS WITH THE GENTLE CITRUS WASH. 


One a Week Day facial spa at Home : Best practice is at night, in the shower, start with the gentle wash, massage the products on wet skin and splash rinse, step 2 apply the scrub, please shake the bottle before use, apply on  the entire face, neck and chest,  massage the wash+scrub for several minutes, then rinse well, splash water, face up  facing  the shower jet and let the shower dab splash your face, when finish, step out of the shower, dab on the toner, apply our hydrating clay vanilla ylang mask for 20 minutes, rinse and tone with the clarifying toner and moisturize with our hyaluironic concentrated serums 


During the week, you will be amazed how this simple express professional nightly facial can make you years younger every single night, keep 5 to 10 minutes facial wash every single night, preferably in the shower. Let the warm water splash and dab your face in the rinsing process and in circular massage motions, a warm water, hot, cold water splashing therapy is very beneficial to revive and invigorate your skin at night, you can do this technique in the morning as well. 


Follow with the Clarifying White cucumber white tea toner, Cotton or gauze rubbing the toner all over your face in upward motions apply onto the neck and chest, center to the left center to the right, disregard the cotton, put in the trash as it contain more impurities and dead skin. 


Let the skin breath for a second, and  follow with drops of our Argan oil, 5 to 10  minutes Argan oil face massage to lift, rejuvenate, reduce wrinkles and fine lines hydrate and moisturizes, restores skin brightness, elasticity and make you gain youth as it renews your skin cells every time you use this wonderful products.  


Simple, clean and affordable for any budget,  you can add a weekly facial mask to this day and night facial practice, a facial mask that you can make yourself using ingredients from your own kitchen or a mask we can recommend to you from Mouna de Laine professional online store or at our local location.


I combined this facial skincare set for you, if you have a mature skin,  25th if you suffer from dry skin in general or  30 and up in general and does not retain oil moisture and or does not produce enough oil. 


Most  Mouna de Laine products are uni-sex, amazing for man and women thanks to the  raw ingredients we use to formulate our beauty products are mostly from nature. 


This combination is for night routine only, for men and women who do not lack water in their skin, rather they need oil to replace the lack of their natural oils. who do not exercise heavily, if you do not match these characteristics, please browse our other facial combination sets to find the one that fits your skin type and condition and life style.  

This is not a wash and go, this is your day and night professional gentle everyday personalized facial set, that has been practiced at thousands of hands on facials with data of thousands of satisfied returning happy clients in our records.


You can now, be sure, that every morning you ll notice the results of your own daily progress with no use  harmful chemicals. The skin Toner experience of this set, will remind you a daily the fizzy refreshment you feel when laying on the facial bed under the warm hands of your favorite Aesthetician.

More direction on how to use each product of this skincare set are on the back of the label of each bottle of this skin care facial set,


Our products serve you in this pandemic if you maintain a facial routine here, this set is intended to remove all dirts and bacteria as soon as you get back from a short out door activities, a gathering with friends or family encounters, either you spent all day or just few hours at work, as short trip to the the convenience store at the corner of your street, to the grocery store or hours at a shopping mall or after  exercise at an indoor gym facility. 


We craft and manufacture our own plant based beauty products, not because this is the trend, rather because we kept our old tradition of mothers to daughters Moroccan beauty legacy. 


Now, our professional Aesthetician grade facials well kept secrets are all yours, as I will try to keep up with editing the pages of my website,  each one of you, man, woman, and child, will become so knowledgeable in skincare, the what when and how, I will show you all ingredients I worked with, tell you what it does,  is your homework, to practice your  day and night and once a week deep facial, with  harsh washes, no need of heavy creams or mineral oils unhealthy emollients to clm the skin form a harsh skin oil depraving washes and scrubs.


This skincare set is the lighter professional version, the must have at home because of the combination of different cleansing non detergent ingredients for  complete day to day invigorating facial experience. 



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