Legit Sanitizer Spray - 6oz

Legit Sanitizer Spray - 6oz


Sanitizing spray : For body, skin and linen, formulated and distributed to first responders, including Police sheriffs departements and Nursing homes.


Our limonen sanitizing spray, eliminates Covid19 and other viruses and germs from the skin, linen and temporarly disinfect the immediate envirnoment. 


You will adore the refreshing scent and skin invigorating effect of this spray, that stilutanously,  neutralizes germs and viruses from the surface of the skin, linen and clean the immediate environement you are in contact with. 


Thanks to our environementalist biochemist,  who masters plant based formulations, he was able to combine,  ingredients that are germs and viruses nutralizers and at the same time manifests the olphactif healing power of mother's nature plants scents to stimulate positve energy of the mind an the body in one single spary solution. 


Four decades of plants based skincare formulation are now utilized to refresh your skin, heal your mind and body, and fight the pndemic of Covid19. 

mood positivenes by boosting en healing power sent  thanks to the scent of tea tree and lemonem, reshSpray Sanitizer : with 70% Ethanol, This is our beloved pampering spray sanitizer, giving you the required sanitizing results, you can now enjoy Tea tree benefits and other exotic misty essential oil in a spray to temporary heal and sanitize the air space around you and everything and everyone in contact with you. This is the magic all around your house, use in derct contct with skin rubb or wipe with a tisue to remove excess oils and dirt. spary in the kitchen, bath room, bedroom, linen, clothing closets and into any space you find your self in, and it smells, fresh and clean, it doesnt cver up it celanses in contact as you walk into your car from a grocery shopping task or just checked in your office to start work. S pray everthing and everyone, find the cleansiness in that moment and have a peace of mind. This mist is made with Chakra openings in mind, we believe a good spirit helps our immune system to stay strong. Spray to keep viruses at bay in an enjoyable spaish experience.


About Our Bio chemistry : made by a pioneer in bio biochemistry, in our private label lab in Los Angeles. This spray is made with 100% raw ingredients produced in the USA, formulated and packaged in Los Angeles to provide Skincare sanitizing experience, that is beneficil and not hrmful to the skin, air and the body.

We are providing our clients and the community of Aesthetics with a cutting age sanitizer spray  to fight the pandemic outbreak and heal our mind and spirit with a natural sent of tea tree that furthermore  enhances the antibacterial action of our sanitizing spray. 



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