Hyaluronic Acid - Sepitonic - Allantoin Serum

Hyaluronic Acid - Sepitonic - Allantoin Serum


Our Spa clients, started using Hyaluronic acid back in 2015. When Hyaluronic acid was unknown to the public, our client were already actively helping us improving and stabilizing the formula, and we are forever grateful to our community, who were 100% involved at each step all the way of the formulation of this  one of kind Hyaluronic  acid moisturizing mask and serum all in in one. 

In fact, we first started using hyaluronic acid on our clients back in 2015,  our version of hyaluronic acid has been formulated in a 3 years span, clinically tried and evaluated on real clients in aesthetic professional settings and given to them to follow application instructions day skincare routine and might skincare routine on different skin types, skin age, and conditions. 

Our clients are real purchaser of the product, have been using the serum on a daily basis following And based on our skincare clients feedback, we continued modifying and improving the formula until the majority of our clients reported that they were 100% satisfied. We finalized and been producing and selling the same formula to the public, not until all the skincare health and wellness results targeted were met.  

Our Goal : was to come with as serum that will benefit a wild range of skin concerns, to name a few,  teenager undergoing skin changes due to hormonal fluctuations, excess of oiliness or dryness, teen acne or adult acne,  mature skin and premenopausal and menopausal  skin dryness, hyperpigmentation and aging.

What it does : our professional grade Hyaluronic acid, is formulated to lock moisture and seal moisture from the outer layers of the epidermis replenishing the inner layers with water and soothing properties of Sepitonic P3, Allatoin, aloe vera juice and water.

In fact this formula is trusted to  be applied on medical esthetic setting  upon performing Fractional micro needling RF, lasers, Ipls and more.  

Performace : to penetrate the skin  as deep as 3 millimeters deep and lock water on the surface and down below,  thus improving moisture retention, increase elasticity and Hydration, this serum  help slow down melanocyte activity which induce a decrease in hyperpigmentation and melasma, help reduce inflammatory acne, our serum is a free radical fighter and helped thousand of client, replenish their skin with water retention thus elimination fine line and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.



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