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The Super Deluxe Facial Set include, 100% SULFATE FREE - Parabens free - plant based and never tested on animals 3 powerful professional grade skincare products :

Gentle Cleanser : Home version Esthetician professional facial,  we use this products to treat the skin of the face, neck and chest back and hands of our clients and patients in Both, The Moroccan and NOHO MED SPA.

Now, you can have this gentle cleanser at home, it is so gentle on the skin and very harsh on dirt and bacteria, this is the cleanser we all need to use right now, it breaks down the fat proteins attached to our skin and remove all impurities, leaving  the skin clean and feeling refreshed.

On the top of amazing ingredients, this citrus exfoliating wash Contains a trace of Glycolic acid to maintain a regular exfoliation of  the dead skin, this process is essential to keep the outer layers in continuing renewal, it helps even the tone and smooth out the texture of the skin. Great for daily use face, neck chest arms and hands. Our Aestheticians and clients love to use this products on the entire body.

Recommended for all skin Type : Either you have Normal oily or dry skin, this wash is being formulated to work with your own skin oils, thus, it can be used on all skin types and is beneficial to all skin conditions. Helps with acne and black heads, if you are dry, this wash leaves your skin balanced and soft.


Clarifying Toner : AQUA  Aloe Juice aloe and witch hazel toner, is nothing but a unique renewed facial feeling each time you tone, morning and night, it helps you maintain a clean skin, pure pores and help control breakouts thanks to  willow bark blended in an amazing unique formulation to purify the pores, treat acne and helps reduce slow down hyper pigmentation. Use after wash and let air dry apply a hydrating moisturizer when needed.

Note : If you have oily skin, no need to moisturize, this balancing toner will help you balance your oils, if you maintain a good facial hygiene, your own sebum is your best moisturizer. Enjoy 😊  


WASH + SCRUB : Pineapple ENZYMES and clay beads combined to give your an different professional home deep skin and body scrub experience. Must shake to activate the enzymes before each use.


Our SPA clients and MEDSPA patients Love to keep this miracle maker products in the shower, they usually buy double to always have one inside the shower and one on the shelf.

Because this WASH + SCRUB  is very strong breaking down impurities in a very gentle manner,  we collected 8 years of feedback describing this WASH + SCRUB as one of everybody's bestie.

Cleanses, purifies the pores, reduce acne inflammation and help with rosacea, stops itching even helps with mosquitos bites, reduce hyperpigmentation’s, some said it took all the pigmentation away.

Use every daily or every other night if you have acne, twice a week normal to dry skin. daily on pigmented spots. 



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