This is by far Hollywood's favorites beauty gift set, for costumors looking for a personalized and unique, head to toe, real professional spa experiences, in one set from the confort of your home.

This Certified profesional formulated skin and body beauty set, includes several high end profesionnal hollistic Essential skin and body care products that are intended to cleanse the skin form bacteria and viruses from the surface of the skin and  are soothing to the health and the environment.

Sanitizer products

Hand Sanitizer : 80 % formulated by our Biochemist 20 % Mouna de Laine, because of Covid19, we were obliged to include Ethanol in our formulations of in all products that are  intended to desinfect and remove viruses and more specificaly Covid19.

Our chemist praises nature and live by science, a pioneer in natural formulation of clean products that are Mineral oil free, animal fat free, never tested on animals, paragons free , phthalates free.

We are so proud of our amazing Hand moisturizers that contains 70% Ethanol, we have always been an alcohol free products makers, now, that we are asigned a new mission to protect your health 70% Ethanol is the normalization to achieve a sanitation results.

We added aqua, aloe and glycerine in a very specific formula to achieve a very specific results.

When you apply Mouna de Laine hands Mosturizing Sanitizer, you will notice that the product is remaining stable on your hands, the sanitizing is the prolonged with alcohol stability on the skin and retained from rapid evaporation in order to enter in deep contact with the dirt and viruses that are sitting in form of microscopic fat molecule. The sanitizer  removes all, all along with any other bacteria and impurities present on the surface of the skin of your hand.  Wihtin the process of alcohol evaporation, the aloe and glycerine fall to settle on your super clean desinffectted freshly Alcohol sanitized layers of the skin. At this moment the skin is thirsty  and eager to absorb some aloe gel and vegetable Glycerine much needed to replenish the skin with the moisture lost through the Alcohol sanitation process. The result is achieved with the elimination of viruses and ability to restore skin moisture with an immediate soothing feeling of coolness instead of heat sensation that usually follows any application of standard commercial grade sanitizers.


Spray Sanitizer :  with 70% Ethanol, This is our beloved pampering spray sanitizer, giving you the required sanitizing results, you can now enjoy Tea tree benefits and other exotic  misty essential oil in a spray to temporary heal and sanitize the air space around you and everything and everyone in contact with you. This is the magic all around your house, use in derct contct with skin rubb or wipe with a tisue to remove excess oils and dirt. spary in the kitchen, bath room, bedroom, linen, clothing closets and into any space you find your self in, and it smells, fresh and clean, it doesnt cver up it celanses in contact as you walk into your car from a grocery shopping task or just checked in your office to start work. S pray everthing and everyone, find the cleansiness in that moment and have a peace of mind. This mist is made with Chakra openings in mind, we believe a good spirit helps our immune system to stay strong. Spray to keep viruses at bay in an enjoyable spaish experience.


Super De luxe Citrus gentle face Wash : This is an Essential face and body wash, Sulafte free and yest string enough to wash oils and dirts and remove impurties no matter how though they are, enjoy the citrus scent and some glycolic acid for smooth expfoliation.


Hyaluronic Acid with high pottent vitamn C Serum and Moisturiser :

Hyaluronic Acid  Sepitonic and Allantoin Serum and moisturizer :


Rose Hip Essential Oil moisturizer

100% Certified Argan Oil Moisturizer

Sugar Body Scrub

Body Butter Soufflé,

Hair care :

The Moroccan SPA Shampoo with Argan oil

The Moroccan spa Conditioner with Argan Oil


Our spa visitors, for  at least the last 10 years has been enjoying our personalized professional products during their skinspa treatment or when they take our products home.

We have just started putting in the descriptions, and I Mouna de Laine, write each word of it with all the wieght of the menaing it can have. I am asking for your patient until I finish this amazing task of  sharing  with you  all the well kept secrets and my professional experience and paractice form insde my facial traetment room.


it will take few days before we warp it up, edit and officially launch.  

Our beautiful team of  Aestheticians, doctors, NP nd regustered nurses,  and ur wonderman the biochemist, are all hollistic at a core nd soul and aim to give to you, our website visitors the maximum  information about the services, products, the ingredients and the directions and how to use each of these professional Aesthetics spa and Medical spa grade products at home to maximize their benefits on your skin body and mind.


The Ultimate De Luxe Set : Skin care, Hair Care, Body care, and spiritual healing, in one Ultimate Home Spa set, This professional beauty set, includes products for your skin, Hair, body and Essential Oils for skincare, body care and Aroma Therapy. This Gift set come with One Free Super De Luxe Facial that included in the package in a form of a Gift Certificate.

Hollywood favorites of Angelenos who drive all the way across town, to initiate a contact with us, a pick up, a say hello, a support that means a lot to us and to our entire comunity. 


This gift, to yourself and to the one you love, makes your special occasion a very special one.

Hand Sanitizer Duo, Hyaluronic Acid serum and moisturizer Set, Sugar Body Scrub, Body Butter Soufle, Shampoo and Conditioner, professional grade face wash  & Clarifying Toner and a set of the must have Covid19  ( immunity bost and skin and air purification) Essential oils + 1 Super Deluxe  facial Gift certificate.

Ultimate Deluxe Set

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$290.00Sale Price


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